Month: October 2016

Breaking news from the PEPE500

The much anticipated PEPE500 ended in disaster today. A dark market fake rare Pepe dealer was seen throwing BITCRYSTALS onto the track at the start of lap 5 and all 33 starting NASPEPE cars got rekt. As drivers emerged from the wreckage a roll call showed that the driver of car #98 was missing. The safety crew made the grim discovery that driver Ricky Pepe had perished, skewered by a shard of bitcrystal. The 33 NASPEPE that got rekt were ceremonially burned in what fans are describing as a “Fateful end” with their final resting place being the Spells...

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Rare Pepe Market Minute 2016-10-14

Feels Goodman here with the Rare Pepe Market Minute, brought to you by It’s raining Rare Pepes and the flood waters are rising.  Over 182 rare pepes have been certified to date. PEPECASH continues to climb in value, with market cap increase of over 250% in less than a week.  The price is holding at around 5,000 Pepes to the dollar. The latest Rare Pepe auction had record attendance and sales. With over 30 bidders present, a lot of 9 Techno Pepes sold for 75 XCP! And a single Lord Kek fetched a tidy sum of 45 XCP. Rare Pepe...

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The RAREPEPE market is heating up

The market for “RAREPEPE“, the original first issue of a certified rare PEPE, is heating up. This rare Pepe digital asset is up from 30 XCP, to 35 XCP earlier today. The latest asking price on the XCP DEX is now 40 XCP. RAREPEPE FOMO is real! “The first rare pepe ever attached to the Bitcoin blockchain.  The rare pepe that started it all. Asset: RAREPEPE Number Issued: 300” With only 300 ever issued, this unique first rare Pepe is a most powerful Pepe. The main reason to hold a RAREPEPE is its unique rareness as the first among rare...

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The Rare Pepe Foundation is proud to announce their partnership with FoldingCoin, providing a total of 3,400,000 free PEPECASH tokens donated by some prominent Rare Pepe project supporters towards the FoldingCoin Merged Folding Platform to assist in the computational development of vital medicines for diseases like Parkinsons, Alzheimer, Diabetes and cancer. To earn PEPECASH in addition to FLDC please make your donor name style on the Folding@Home platform conform to either one of the following naming conventions: username_ALL_CounterwalletAddress username_FLDC_CounterwalletAddress Those that contribute to merged folding during the months of October and November will qualify to earn PEPECASH in addition to...

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Results of the RARE PEPE raffle draw by Shawn Leary Monday 2016-10-10

So here’s how the RAREPEPE raffle went down… a lucky late entrant who picked up their JUNSETHPEPE’s at the last minute won the coveted RAREPEPE today. Here’s the transcript of the action as it happened in the Rare Pepe Blockchain Trading group. Shawn Leary, [11.10.16 10:56] Ok, for anyone kind enough to buy a JUNSETHPEPE you got 1 out of 150 prized rare pepe, plus you also were entered into winning an original RAREPEPE! Shawn Leary, [11.10.16 10:57] only 65 JUNSETHPEPE were bought Shawn Leary, [11.10.16 10:57] great rare value here Shawn Leary, [11.10.16 10:57] I’m using to...

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