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Rare Pepe gets a write-up on RUSBASE

The Russian news site RUSBASE has featured the Rare Pepe Directory and the rare Pepe trading community. The corresponding site was named  Rare Rare to Pepe Directory ( «folder with rare Pepe”). Images with different subjects of the frog Pepe placed there in the form of assets that belong to a specific user. The system works on the principle kriptovalyutnogo service: each image issued digital token is recorded in blokcheyn, and users can share a currency. Each user has his own purse with memes – Rare Pepe Wallet, which is available free to create on the same site . With the publication of a feature article on the Rare Pepe Blockchain Trading community, news of the Rare Pepe trading community rapidly spread around the world. A sudden surge of Russian Rare Pepe enthusiasts saw the numbers in the Rare Pepe Blockchain Trading Telegram group surge by over 70 new members in a matter of hours, with more than 200 members now joining the rapidly growing Rare Pepe enthusiasts community in less than a week. So much Russian banter and exotic non Rare Pepe meme injection (some of a dubious nature) arrived into the Rare Pepe chat, that Rare Pepe Foundation directors moved swiftly to aid in establishing an official Russian language Rare Pepe Telegram group called Русская группа+RAREPEPE. The Russian Rare Pepe group is already a lively chat, even...

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Pepeducreux – Series 5, Card 6

Pepeducreux – Series 5, Card 6 / Issuance: 1,000, by @maddkidd aka Pepeducreux is my favorite of the Series 5 cards. It’s strong visually. The historization of one of the most well-known lyrics in all of hip hop is clever (still gives me a chuckle). The card is a pepe-fied adaptation of Ducreux’s famous self-portrait. Baron Joseph Ducreux was an OG. He was was a French nobleman, portrait painter, pastelist, miniaturist, and engraver. He was also the painter to the royal court of France. He didn’t sign a lot of his paintings. Which might make you think he’s...

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The Metaphysics of Pepe

By Jordan B Peterson Because frogs need to grow up and transform into princes…. The second part of my discussion with Jonathan Pageau. The video that initiated the discussion:… My first conversation with Pageau:… I made an error: Harry Potter’s snitch actually contained the Resurrection Stone, which is much more appropriate. My...

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