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Results of the RARE PEPE raffle draw by Shawn Leary Monday 2016-10-10

So here’s how the RAREPEPE raffle went down… a lucky late entrant who picked up their JUNSETHPEPE’s at the last minute won the coveted RAREPEPE today. Here’s the transcript of the action as it happened in the Rare Pepe Blockchain Trading group. Shawn Leary, [11.10.16 10:56] Ok, for anyone kind enough to buy a JUNSETHPEPE you got 1 out of 150 prized rare pepe, plus you also were entered into winning an original RAREPEPE! Shawn Leary, [11.10.16 10:57] only 65 JUNSETHPEPE were bought Shawn Leary, [11.10.16 10:57] great rare value here Shawn Leary, [11.10.16 10:57] I’m using to...

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Rare Pepe Auction Chat Transcript Monday 2016-10-10

Today’s auction was epic both in duration and in outcomes, with a set of 9 TECHNOPEPE’s selling for 75 XCP and a single LORDKEK fetching a tidy sum of 45 XCP. Read on for all the excitement! Theo Goodman, [11.10.16 08:56] ***AUCTION RULES*** -ALL AUCTIONS ARE IN XCP , DO NOT ASK IF YOU CAN PAY IN RAREPEPECOIN OR OTHER SHITCOINS! -Auction Increments are as follows 1-5 XCP Min Increment 0.1 5-10 Min increment 0.5 XCP 10 and above min increment 1 XCP -please keep chat noise down, we will have plenty of time to chat after -if you...

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A rare chance to win an original RAREPEPE

Shawn Leary announces the RARPEPE raffle to support charity.  Visit the Rare Pepe Blockchain Trading group to find Shawn and follow the auction. To celebrate the big auction Monday night, and also to help a good cause, one lucky holder of JUNSETHPEPE will be chosen at random, using my 4 year old son to chose, and be sent one single owner, RAREPEPE!!  You must own JUNSETHPEPE by the end of the auction which takes place Monday evening 6ET 1 in 150 chance of winning an original RAREPEPE! The striking thing about this generous raffle is the RAREPEPE is the first rare Pepe ever attached to the Bitcoin blockchain. This is the Rolls Royce, the Rolex, the Royal Flush of Rare Pepes. So be sure to be quick, buy yourself a JUNSETHPEPE NOW, if you want to be in the draw. The auction takes place Monday evening, 10th October at 6pm ET. You have to own one of these: To be in with a chance of winning one of these: Author disclosure: RP News author holds two JUNSETHPEPE’s, so is in the...

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Neon Pepe added to Series 3 today, as GrounBEEFtaxi gives away some for free

Another day, and another new rare Pepe is added to the Rare Pepe Directory. This time it’s neon pepe and man oh man, does that neon sparkle. Complete with a tribute to the venerable “All Your Base Are Belong To Us” (AYBABTU video link) meme, a X3 predictive pepe creation abilities and a X7 lost in Japanese translation powerup, this is definitely a rare Pepe worth adding to your PepeDex. Keep track of who’s got ’em at Author disclosure: RP News author holds one neon pepe....

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