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Rare Pepe gets a write-up on

Exciting times for Rare Pepe fans, with a new write-up by Jamie Redman, titled “Rare Pepe Gets Blockchained, Made Into Tradable Counterparty Tokens” over on Redman references every Rare Pepe fan’s favorite hang-out, the Rare Pepe Blockchain Trading Telegram group. “The Rare Pepe community also has a very active trading group channel on Telegram where users are discussing the Pepe ecosystem. People visiting the channel can converse about the progress of Rare Pepes, and show off their artwork.” Redman goes on to refer to the recent Episode 23 of the Coin Interview, featuring Rare Pepe Foundation Member, Theo...

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Rare Pepe Market Minute 2016-10-10

This is Feels Goodman with the Rare Pepe Market Minute, brought to you by Rare Pepe Wallet. The Rare Pepe economy is booming. PepeCash has been added to and the price has stabilized at around 17,000 Pepe’s to the dollar. Since mid September Rare Pepe markets have seen an explosion in volume. We have seen several high ticket Rare Pepe’s. Pepe Pizza traded for five million Pepe’s (PepeCash), while Jong Pepe 32 XCP and again two days later for 55 XCP. There are a lot of bargains out there as well. Some Series 1 Rare Pepes trading for less than 1 XCP include Still P.E.P.E., Pepe Party...

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