Telegram User Name: @SrPoliloco

Name:  Jaime Sandoval


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Interview Questions

Who are you and what do you do?
I’m a contributing writer of the most reputable news website about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology for Spanish speaking people.

Why do you make Rare Pepe cards?
This is unique ecosystem where value is created with few artistic level, so far, but supported by an amazing technology behind and a great community which is always inspiring through humor to grow itself.

How do you approach making Rare Pepe cards?
I believe PepeCash will be one of the next alt coins to have in the future, so I’m holding all my RAREPEPE profits on this crypto-currency.

Also I’ve bought some coffee with the money earned.

What’s your inspiration for getting involved with Rare Pepe?
I love to laugh and to produce laughs, and this ecosystem is full of it. Also blockchain technology and crypto-currencies are involved, so it couldn’t be ignored by me.

What role does the Rare Pepe phenomena have in society?
So far, almost nothing. But sooner than later people (I hope most kids and teenagers) will learn that Rare Pepes are a great way to understand the new ways that value are being created.

What art do you most identify with? Does it influence your Pepes?
I’m a fan on the first series of Rare Pepes. Cards made with very few artistic level but with a very clear concept.

Of course I value best design techniques, but for me the concept is the main feature of the cards.

What themes do you pursue with your Rare Pepe creations?
I’m trying to focus on popular themes inside the crypto ecosystem, but no directly related to Bitcoin.

I focus more on music, memes, TV shows and popular characters that crypto-enthusiasts loves and enjoy.

What is your favorite Rare Pepe you have created and why?
PeperMind. Is a little tribute to the 25th anniversary of Nirvana’s album “Nevermind”.

I love the blue color because is pretty different to most cards, and of course the details like the PEPECASH cards instead of a Dollar bill and the card description containing some album song titles.

What is your favorite Rare Pepe someone else created and why?

Is a great card, sweet design, very precise concept, excellent usage of the “Illuminati cliches” and low number of cards issued.

If you could be any Rare Pepe character, which one would you be and why?
Hahaha, great question.

I will be Trump on ChynaPepe, because of his ability to manipulate crypto markets.

What is your chief purpose or goal from creating Rare Pepe Cards?
I want to create an unique and recognized style, like any artist in any space want.

Also, be part of this growing and promising ecosystem that will impact more than we imagine in the future.

What other artistic endeavours do you enjoy?
The Founder of CriptoNoticias, Héctor Cárdenas (@hcarpach on Telegram) has created great designs, specially PepeMining.

Also John Millar Zavati, Aztec_btc, Theo Goodman and Shawn Leary

If you have a dream for the future of Rare Pepe, what would it be?
Rare Pepes can be like sneakers market on the US, but digital and global.

And has the potential to become one of the first elements to introduce kids to the cryptocurrencies world.

What do you think of putting a 500 card cap on Rare Pepes?
A good achievement for the community, without a doubt.

It can represent a transition to most organized mechanisms and structures in order to make Rare Pepes more popular and valuable.

Do you sell your cards for XCP, PEPECASH, or both?
Sure, both

Do you take commissions for designing Rare Pepe’s for others?

What message would you like to share with the Rare Pepe community in closing?
I wanna say thanks to Mike for beginning this thing, to John Millar Zavati for work on improvements and RarePepeParty, and to all the development team to believe in the community and add value to the platform.

This is a great humoristic space, that we take very seriously.