THELASTPEPE: Is Nymz the same kind of genius as da Vinci?

Da Vinci’s The Last Supper is obviously the inspiration for Nymz’s THELASTPEPE. Like da Vinci, Nymz has used groups of three throughout the work.

Nymz has replaced the original apostles with the Pepe Apostles.

Group 1

  • DRILLPEPE for Bartholomew
  • PEPEASSANGE for James Major
  • KUNISADAPEPE for Andrew
Group 2

  • THEGODPEPE for Judas
  • THISISFINE for Peter
  • PEPA for John the Apostle

Group 3

  • SECRETPEPE for Thomas
  • BERNIEPEPE for James Minor
  • PEPEJAPAN for Philip
Group 4

  • TRUMPEPE for Matthew
  • WHERESPEPE for Thaddeus
  • Bird(BERNIEPEPE) for Simon

The symbology of the pepostles could be the subject of a masters thesis. In the spirit of Jesus we’ll take a glance at the first and the last.

Bartholomew, literally “drillplough, is replaced by DRILLPEPE. Drillpepe represents the birth, struggle and ultimate triumph (the sowing of the seeds, the harvest and all the challenges in between) of the rarepepe project. Drillpepe “stands on the shoulders of giants” in the same way that XCP stands on the shoulders of BTC.

The bird from BERNIEPEPE, sitting at Jesus’ left hand, represents the miracle of existence. Is it happenstance? Is it stagecraft? Is it a signal from somewhere in the universe? Was this bird passing through and decided it was time for a rest? Or was it sent by forces greater than we can understand?

In the original, Jesus was his own group of three. His head and outstretched arms form a triangle and make him the focal point of the piece. THELASTPEPE makes a different trinity its focal point.

In the middle we have our own prophet in the form of Satoshi (RAREPEPE). Above Satoshi, is JESUSPEPE and below is the seal of PEPEOFTHEUSA which completes the trinity.

Nymz has built on the symbology of the original by adding an element: The pepe posters on the wall behind the pepe apostles.

These are also presented in groups of three. On the left side we have PEPOCALYPSE, GIVEKUDOS and FAIRPEPE and on the right we have LORDKEK, KEKET, and THOTH. A set of three windows bridges the two groups.

I like to think that PEPOCALYPSE represents the challenges we are facing today and that GIVEKUDOS and FAIRPEPE suggest community efforts to supporting a fair peer-to-peer network for value-exchange. The windows in the middle represent the clarity required to see the same potential for Bitcoin as Satoshi. LORDKEK, KEKET and THOTH represent the ancient and mysterious powers that will be unleashed once Bitcoin solves its internal problems.

My favorite part of this work is the middle trinity (JESUSPEPE, RAREPEPE and PEPEOFTHEUSA). Satoshi Nakamoto is a mythical character. We don’t know if he’s one person or a group of people. We don’t know if he’s alive or dead. We do know that bitcoin took inspiration and Satoshi incubated this idea and willed it into existence. JESUSPEPE represents both this inspiration and bitcoin’s crucifixion (the block size debate). In the middle is Satoshi himself in the form of RAREPEPE. Below, representing the ultimate goals of bitcoin, is PEPEOFTHEUSA.

“Are you free this weekend?”
*gazes off into the distance as eagle screeches*
“This is America. I’m always free.”

Satoshi was a prophet and his work, properly implemented, promises to bring power and freedom to his disciples.

Satoshi’s vision got us this far. I think Nymz might be telling us to have a little faith.