I promised you an Interview!

But all I managed to do was create this DIY “Interview Form”.

As some of you already know, yours truly, Bradley, Editor in Chief of Rare Pepe News, is by day working for a blockchain startup as well as father to several children and I have discovered that interviewing so many great card creators is simply beyond my stretched schedule to accommodate at present.

Hence, this form, which asks the Interview questions I would be asking anyway.  Please feel free to complete and submit at your convenience.

All submitted Interviews will be published, with Telegram user names, card details and all answers you provide.  Names and email addresses will only be published if you select Yes.

Rare Pepe Card Creators Interview

Where we interview Rare Pepe Card Creators to get an insight into their motivations, inspirations, reasons for Pepe artistry andmore.

  • We won't publish your email address with your interview, unless you say so, if you want people reading it to be able to contact you.
  • Official Card NameCard NicknameRarePepeDirectory LinkCards IssuedHighest Sale Price (XCP) 
    Here you can list up to 20 of your Rare Pepe Cards. Pick your favorite 20 if you've done more than that. Click the + symbol right hand edge of the row to add another row.
  • Website link if you have your own you'd like to have linked in with your Interview
  • All card creators giving their time to participate and share their story will receive a gratuity of 2,000 RAREPEPENEWS, if you wish to receive please your payment address to send to.
  • Interview Questions

    On to the Interview questions... feel free to answer as briefly or loquaciously as you wish. All answers given below will be published as submitted, with only minor edits to correct spelling and punctuation.
  • You can talk about tools, techniques, processes, whatever makes sense.
  • Given that it has been announced as a pause, it's open for discussion within the community as to the merits of limiting to 500, or re-opening for more Rare Pepes later.
  • If you take commissions, or are open to designing Rare Pepes for others, you can give your examples or indicate your availability here.