This is Feels Goodman with the Rare Pepe Market Minute, brought to you by Rare Pepe Wallet.

The Rare Pepe economy is booming. PepeCash has been added to and the price has stabilized at around 17,000 Pepe’s to the dollar.

Since mid September Rare Pepe markets have seen an explosion in volume.
We have seen several high ticket Rare Pepe’s.
Pepe Pizza traded for five million Pepe’s (PepeCash), while Jong Pepe 32 XCP and again two days later for 55 XCP.
There are a lot of bargains out there as well.
Some Series 1 Rare Pepes trading for less than 1 XCP include Still P.E.P.E., Pepe Party and BU Pepe.
Scientists are working hard every day to certify new Rare Pepes at and if you need a place to store, send or trade your Rare Pepes, go
Thank you for watching, this has been the Rare Pepe Market Minute.