1. Get a counterparty wallet (a. rarepepewallet.com b. counterwallet.io or c. IndieSquare app for mobile)

2. Note your 12 word passphrase and never give it to anyone!

3. Transfer a tiny amount of BTC to the address you want to use for your Pepes (each action on the counterparty network needs a tiny bit of BTC, e.g 0.0009831BTC/0.059$)

4. Fill it with the rarest Pepes. Remember, there are a lot of Pepe assets, but only the ones on rarepepedirectory.com are certified rare Pepes, carefully examined by the specialized scientists.

5. How to get rare Pepes, currently known places:

A. Ask around in this chat. People might be so generous to send you a real Rare Pepe sample. But refrain from spam-posting your addy (even if some others do that).

B. Buy your Rare Pepes on the DEX (Decentralized Exchange of Counterparty). All wallets mentioned above are capable of DEX trading. You need XCP, sometime other currencies like PEPECASH to do so. See offers on the DEX. XCP can be obtained from various exchanges like Polo, Shapeshift (IndieSquare has an internal Shapeshift swap BTC-XCP).

C. Do OTC (over the counter) trades with people in here.

D. Come and join the auction with the great @theogoodman. That’s the most entertaining way to get rare Pepes. Have some XCP by hand.

Some important resources:





Counterparty Decentralized Exchange – XCP Dex
XCP Dex is an open source application that uses Counterparty and Counterblock API’s to make the Dex accessible outside of Counterwallet.