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Name: Hilaire de Rien


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Pepe The SoG

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Interview Questions

Who are you and what do you do?
I am retired in Berlin, previously from the South of France (can you read my French accent?) … so beware, I could tell stories in a way that could be perhaps far from the truth. I try to follow this thing called Internet, jumping from my low interaction on social media to blockchain digital assets for the couch potatoes.

Why do you make Rare Pepe cards?
Fun & message. Some are related to an event (French Presidential Election for 2017), but with a touch of what I think of the candidates (ouch!). Others are more a kind of tribute to what I consider as Important for a precise time period, old (e.g. Fred Astaire for dance, David Cronenberg for futurist view on the power of screen), or new: The pioneer role of for blockchain based cards. And adding some references (did you catch the one on the cult comics figure Tanino Liberatore?)

How do you approach making Rare Pepe cards?
I take picture, transform it mainly in Microsoft Paint and Gimp. Produce 3-4 version for the animation. Et hop, within a gif et le tour est joué! I am proud that all my cards are animated.

What’s your inspiration for getting involved with Rare Pepe?
Slack channels by Spells of Genesis and cards discovery through the Book of Orbs. But the video interview of Mike produce the “déclic” (click) for me: it is true that it is part of art … a “kitsch” one, but an important one in the geek & tech culture.

What role does the Rare Pepe phenomena have in society?
Show that art pieces and collection are in new era: 1st as secured and certified in a distributed network of people and computer (merci the blockchain!); 2nd as the common guy from the street can do her part, her contribution by producing something that will last!

What art do you most identify with? Does it influence your Pepes?
Comics as I am a fan of it … and naturally the one from Belgium-France: “La bande dessinée Franco-Belge”. And the period of the 70’s & 80’s in general.

What themes do you pursue with your Rare Pepe creations?
My view on one political system in one country (not US, there are other pepes for that). And as we speak about art and culture some oldies are goodies (so my tributes).

What is your favorite Rare Pepe you have created and why?
PEPEDANCE – Pepe Dance rocks the world – Dancing Pepe a la Fred Astaire . Because I mixed a tribute of 3 culture elements of different periods (dance – movie – comics) with the current one of Internet meme à la blockchain. Using the old to be new (a nice paradox)

What is your favorite Rare Pepe someone else created and why?
WILDPEPE the power of the image with the power of the pepe head is big, and the text is a good fit. In one second you understand and love this card.

If you could be any Rare Pepe character, which one would you be and why?
GRIMPEPE the use of black is very efficient … and It reminds me of this old movie “The Seventh Seal” by Ingmar Bergman

What is your chief purpose or goal from creating Rare Pepe Cards?
Fun for me to try communicate something funny. Happy in the visual card creation process. Be with the Rare Pepe community.

What other artistic endeavours do you enjoy?
Comics, the new artists are always able to do something new (when some believe we saw already everything), like Lewis Trondheim (hum … I should make a Pepe card of “Lapinot”)

If you have a dream for the future of Rare Pepe, what would it be?
80% of the cards will be transferred to other people than the creators/issuers

What do you think of putting a 500 card cap on Rare Pepes?
yes, for what will be the “initial real original” 1st collection. Then a break of 6 months, and after that go … for the next 500!

Do you sell your cards for XCP, PEPECASH, or both?
I do XCP, I tried PEPECASH (and discussing it with Mike). When there will be enough traction for PEPECASH I will stick to it.

Do you take commissions for designing Rare Pepe’s for others?
No LOL (did you really look at my cards?). But if someone crazy really ask for … I am ready for a very high “artist” price. 😉

What message would you like to share with the Rare Pepe community in closing?
Buy and sell pepe cards … the goal is that more & more people own some.
… and do connect with me on Facebook &, I am a lazy one there, perhaps it will force me to move my …