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Name: Nymity Nymz


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Interview Questions

Who are you and what do you do?
Rapper, Ghost writer, FinTech Guru

Why do you make Rare Pepe cards?
I like the concept of ‘Blockchain Assets’, immutable data, scarcity and longevity.

How do you approach making Rare Pepe cards?
Mix 2 parts Rare Pepe with 1 part cult concept, blend for at least 6 hours in Photoshop, garnish with some Gif’s then leave to render.

What’s your inspiration for getting involved with Rare Pepe?
Short answer, 2020. Ultimately being able to create something that has the potential to out live us all.

What role does the Rare Pepe phenomena have in society?
It’s complicated.

What art do you most identify with? Does it influence your Pepes?
Street Art and no not really.

What themes do you pursue with your Rare Pepe creations?
I try to make them appeal to a Universal audience. Certified U

What is your favorite Rare Pepe you have created and why?
WHERESPEPE because of the potential it has for follow up cards.

What is your favorite Rare Pepe someone else created and why?
I like the simplicity of Davinci Nines collection, but to chose one is a myth. My preferred favourite changes on a daily.

If you could be any Rare Pepe character, which one would you be and why?
PEPENYMZ Cos I’m dank enough oh and there’s only one.

What is your chief purpose or goal from creating Rare Pepe Cards?
see my 2020 answer

What other artistic endeavours do you enjoy?
performing Arts.

If you have a dream for the future of Rare Pepe, what would it be?
The Rare Pepe TV Network broadcasting 24/7.

What do you think of putting a 500 card cap on Rare Pepes?
I was actually gonna suggest something similar to this a couple weeks back.

My proposal on the matter was one that would have had the community vote on a months worth of entries and pick 5 out of them to be added every month. The foundation will still verify them before registering them for the voting process. and add them to a voting page of sorts on the website or in the rare pepe wallet, and maybe promote it through telegram and twitter.

Do you sell your cards for XCP, PEPECASH, or both?
Both but only a limited amount

Do you take commissions for designing Rare Pepe’s for others?
Not yet but I am open to offers

What message would you like to share with the Rare Pepe community in closing?
Feels Good Man!!!