The Rare Pepe Foundation is proud to announce their partnership with FoldingCoin, providing a total of 3,400,000 free PEPECASH tokens donated by some prominent Rare Pepe project supporters towards the FoldingCoin Merged Folding Platform to assist in the computational development of vital medicines for diseases like Parkinsons, Alzheimer, Diabetes and cancer.

To earn PEPECASH in addition to FLDC please make your donor name style on the Folding@Home platform conform to either one of the following naming conventions:

  • username_ALL_CounterwalletAddress
  • username_FLDC_CounterwalletAddress

pepecashThose that contribute to merged folding during the months of October and November will qualify to earn PEPECASH in addition to the other merged folding asset(s) active during that limited time period. This is a special opportunity to participate in this nascent card trading economy of a new blockchain and counterparty project that was born out of an impromptu collaborative effort of several crypto enthusiasts and is now rapidly building momentum. If you are not already folding, please follow these two steps to get started:

1. Obtain a Counterwallet (if you already have one, skip this step)

2. Download and configure the FAH Client and begin Folding (chose Team number 226728 for the Foldingcoin Team, or join any other team if you prefer)

The Rare Pepe Foundation has built a brand new trading card platform (a future game is already under development also with a deck-building beta and is currently being crowd-funded), based on the popular Pepe Meme. More than 100 limited edition Rare Pepe cards are already certified for their authenticity and can be viewed on the Rare Pepe Directory.

PEPECASH is a divisible token. Only 701,284,008 total of this locked token are in circulation as of today. You can use PEPECASH to pay for the certification and listing of newly issued Rare Pepe cards. As Counterparty assets, these cards are freely tradeable on the Counterparty DEX, on the Book of Orbs app  (search for “Indiesquare” on the App Store or Google Play), as well as on Rare Pepe collectors can also keep their cards and PEPECASH in the special Rare Pepe Wallet which they can access with the same passphrase as used in Counterwallet and see which Rare Pepes they own and which they are still missing in their collection, as well as trade them for XCP. Read more about Rare Pepe and PEPECASH HERE and watch the latest Rare Pepe Market Minute HERE.

PEPECASH distributions will be monthly. A total of  3,400,000 tokens will be distributed over two months, according to the following schedule:

  • Nov 5th: 2,200,000 PEPECASH distributed for work units completed in the 31 days from 10/01/16 – 10/31/16
  • Dec 3rd: 1,200,000 PEPECASH distributed for work units completed in the 30 days from 11/01/16 – 11/30/16

For more information you can visit the following links:

Stay tuned for more exciting news from Foldingcoin coming up soon! Monthly Public Meetings are held at the beginning of each month – you can watch the videos of previous meetings here.