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A Connoisseur’s Guide To The Unique Single Issuance Rare Pepes

A Connoisseur’s Guide To The Unique Single Issuance Rare Pepes Unique Rare: PEPEPIZZA Series/Card: Series 2, Card 44 Held by: @CR-MN, bought at auction today by @KatieCharm for 320,000 PEPECASH Last DEX Sale: 5,000,000 PEPECASH DEX Sale Date: 2016-09-30 Last Send Date: 2016-11-15 Private Sale Unique Rare: PEPENOPOULOS Series/Card: Series 3, Card 25 Held by: @CryptoChainer Last DEX Sale: 800 XCP DEX Sale Date: 2017-03-17 Last Send Date: 2017-03-23 Custodianship Unique Rare: MYLITTLEPEPE Series/Card: Series 3, Card 21 Held by: @KatieCharm Last DEX Sale: 1,000,000 PEPECASH DEX Sale Date: 2017-02-15 Unique Rare: ONLYONEPEPE Series/Card: Series 1, Card 32 Held by: @NeedMoney90 Last DEX Sale: 143.6 XCP DEX Sale Date: 2017-09-26 Last Send Date: 2017-04-01 Private Sale Unique Rare: HOMERPEPE Series/Card: Series 2, Card 32 Held by: @NeedMoney90 Last DEX Sale: 250 XCP DEX Sale Date: 2017-01-14 Last Send Date: 2017-01-19 Private Sale Unique Rare: PEPEBUGGED Series/Card: Series 3, Card 23 Held by: @NeedMoney90 Last DEX Sale: 1,000,000 PEPECASH DEX Sale Date: 2017-02-13 Last Send Date: 2017-02-25 Private Sale Unique Rare: REDPUTINPEPE Series/Card: Series 3, Card 20 Held by: XRL Last DEX Sale: 28 XCP DEX Sale Date:...

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MAUIPEPE This card can be used as a passport during your PEPECASH World Tour 2017 + 2030.  All buyers receive complimentary PEPEPASSPORT on a 1:1 ratio. “a MAUIPEPE is needed to enter @PEPECASHWORLDTOUR2017 where I give away free cards on occasion” @PimpingKek...

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The Hidden Reason Behind Bitcoin’s Increasing Fees: Rare Pepe Traders

As Global Bitcoin Exchanges Suffer From Increased Use — Rare Pepe Marketplaces Are Also Busier Than Ever ** As much as people don’t like to talk about it, Bitcoin has been used widely across dank meme markets (DMM) across the dank web for months now. Many people believe the lion’s share of bitcoin transactions come from DMMs. Since the inception of the first DMM — the Counterparty DEX — dank meme sales have increased exponentially. Furthermore, nine months after the creation of the first certified Rare Pepe, there are more dank meme markets located on the dank web than ever before. Over the past year, these markets have been extremely busy as bitcoin’s value has skyrocketed and many of the top Rare Pepe traders have reported on experiencing big issues with getting their dank memes. According to many Telegram chat messages, a lot of people have been having problems getting their Rare pepes from the leading DMM, WTH Auction House, in a timely manner. Additionally, there have been congestion issues over the past month on other popular markets such as, Pepe Museum Auction House and RarePepe.Gallery. “Add me to the long list of people who can’t get their rares out of escrow,” explains a DMM buyer on Reddit. “I have been trying to receive a couple of thousand dollars worth of Rare Pepes for several weeks now. I...

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With rare pepe trading there are several things coming together

“With pepe trading there are several things coming together as an extra: Memepower, Curiosity, Human nature of collecting all sorts of stuff, Hope for profit, Community, Interest in Blockchain Technology and above all – the lust to make fun about everything and everybody,” Bates wrote.  “It’s the mix of it all.” So how do we begin… Pepe the Frog began as a web comic by artist Matt Furie: Soon 4chan adopted him and like all nefarious Internet stuffs that is where Pepe grew from a comic tadpole into a full blown internet meme. Even normie celebs like Katy Perry...

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Will Pepe creator Matt Furie step up to claim card 1000?

Only one more Rare Pepe Card left to complete Season 2, and it has been rumored to be reserved for Matt Furie, who created Pepe the frog in his comic Boys Club. Rare Pepe Card artists from around the world are all vying for the final slot, but will it be to no avail? After the Great PepeFreeze of Series 19, Rare Pepe art contributors were allowed to submit Rare Pepes once again on Saturday, April 15, 2007. Rare Pepe Directory curator, Mike, declared the following: “Series 20 starting soon only open to previous submitters. When I say, send me 2 of your best pepes. I’ll try to fit at least 1 and if any extra slots I’ll put in the darkest out of second choices. Slot 1000 saved for Furie Guy. The directory can go no further unless he makes one.” Since this announcement Rare Pepe investors and contributors alike have all been attempting to make contact with Matt Furie in order to convince him to contribute to Volume II. Many have also contributed to a “Matt Furie” pot, a collection of cards and Pepe Cash valued at over 1M PEPECASH (potentially worth up to 10 BTC, or $20,000 USD), as a way to kickstart the artist in the world of cryptocurrency, as well as sweeten the deal to further entice his participation. His participation in the series...

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