Exciting times for Rare Pepe fans, with a new write-up by Jamie Redman, titled “Rare Pepe Gets Blockchained, Made Into Tradable Counterparty Tokens” over on News.Bitcoin.com.

Redman references every Rare Pepe fan’s favorite hang-out, the Rare Pepe Blockchain Trading Telegram group.

“The Rare Pepe community also has a very active trading group channel on Telegram where users are discussing the Pepe ecosystem. People visiting the channel can converse about the progress of Rare Pepes, and show off their artwork.”

Redman goes on to refer to the recent Episode 23 of the Coin Interview, featuring Rare Pepe Foundation Member, Theo Goodman, quoting Goodman as saying:

“Rare Pepe blockchain trading cards is all about free speech, and the freedom, and the power of the blockchain to empower everyone to get Rare Pepes. So you might have heard from the Anti-Defamation League that Rare Pepes are hate speech. But through the power of the blockchain, they are immutable. So we are able to have our free speech as we want. Also, it shows that the blockchain and these assets have use.”